Grounding Crystal Set


Become empowered with Earth’s energy, remove any fog clouding your thoughts, & learn to live in a more grounded state.

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If you find yourself feeling as though you’re on mentally shaky ground or you desire to deepen your connection with Earth, you may benefit from the Grounding set.  It can help to remove fog clouding your thoughts, usher in clarity, and reconnect you with Earth’s healing energy.

This set contains:

  • Black Tourmaline
  • Bronzite
  • Hematite
  • Jasper
  • Smoky Quartz

All crystals are hand-selected, personally cleansed, and infused with reiki energy by Medium Lisa Mercier.

There are no duplicate stones among the sets!

Every set includes a card highlighting some of the properties of each crystal along with a photo.

Shape and size of crystals vary.

Please remember, although the powers of crystals are well documented and help bring positivity into people’s lives, they are never a substitute for medical or psychological help. Any concerns about your physical or mental health should immediately be addressed with a qualified professional.

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