What training has Lisa received?

Lisa has received most of her training at IMPART Wisdom and Wellness Center under the direction of Dr. Anne Reith. She has completed the IMPART Certification Program for Professional Psychics, Mediums, and Healers. Lisa has attended several weekend workshop classes studying topics like connecting with angels and guides, reading and perceiving auras, understanding grief, clairvoyance and other “clairs,” and many more. She also attends monthly development circles and weekly classes to ensure her metaphysical skills are as sharp as they can be.   Lisa has also participated in psychic fairs at IMPART Wisdom and Wellness Center, offering Mediumship and Psychic readings to clients.  
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Does Lisa do any sessions via SKYPE?

Yes! Lisa offers both her Spiritual Intuitive Life Coaching and Mediumship-connecting with deceased loved ones sessions via SKYPE for those who are not local to the Orange County – L.A. area.

If you choose this option you will be required to make a 30% deposit within 24 hours of booking your session. Lisa will email you all the details!

What is Reiki?
canstockphoto18127958_square smallReiki is an ancient Japanese form of energy healing. Divine energy is channeled through the practitioner, sent out through the hands, and applied to one’s body. The energy continuously flows through the body to provide healing. Some of the benefits of Reiki include increased energy and alertness, reduction in body aches and pains, improved sleep, and a sense of calm. People of all ages and pets can benefit from Reiki healings.
What is a Chakra Balance and Cleanse?
canstockphoto18127820_square smallChakras are energy centers or points that run up the middle of the body from the tailbone to the head. There are seven main chakras that dispense specific energy at each center. The seven chakras include the base or root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown.   A pendulum is used to measure the chakras, then Reiki energy is applied directly to each chakra, one at a time, until they are balanced.
What should I expect in my Reiki session?
Lisa practices a hands-off approach to Reiki, supplying the energy approximately 2 inches above the body. You may feel a wide variety of body sensations as the energy begins to move within you. Sensations may include tingling, warmth, or minor muscle spasms. Many people have their eyes closed during the session and some have reported seeing flashes of different colors. These are all positive indicators that the Reiki energy is working and healing your body.
What is Mediumship?
canstockphoto18668996_smallMediumship is the ability to connect with and communicate on behalf of people who have passed on. The deceased soul uses the Medium as their voice. The Medium is given messages through many forms such as words, visual impressions, smells, and body sensations. The Medium then shares with you the messages received and may assist in translating the meanings accordingly.
What should I expect from my Mediumship session?
canstockphoto28297393_square smallAll mediumship sessions are different in that any number of deceased souls can come through with varying messages. You can expect to hear from your loved ones in moving and powerful ways.
How can I prepare for my Mediumship session?
The best connection with Spirit happens when you have an open mind and relaxed energy. It is best to quiet your mind and body either through a brief meditation or a series of deep breaths. If you’d like, ask your deceased loved ones to come through by name before your session begins. Often times they like the invitation.
What are Angel Cards?

Angel cards are oracle cards that provide messages from Spirit that can guide and encourage the recipient. They offer a more positive approach to guidance than a traditional Tarot reading.

What is a Pendulum Reading?
canstockphoto12717224_squareA Pendulum is a device used to speak with Spirit by asking direct yes or no questions.  It may assist the recipient by providing guidance for a specific topic.  During the reading, the client will discuss the area in which they are seeking guidance and the practitioner will ask Spirit yes or no questions.
What is a Home Energy Clearing?

canstockphoto6833298_square smallA home energy clearing is a process in which negative and residual energies that have been left in a space get removed. Protection is then placed in the home and property to repel future negative energy. The process begins with an assessment of the home or space that needs clearing. Based on the outcome of the assessment, one or more tools will be utilized to clear the space and remove any unwanted energies that are present. Tools may include burning sage, channeling and applying Reiki energy, salt water, use of the Pendulum, and gridding.

What is a House Blessing?

A House Blessing is for homes or spaces that do not necessarily need a Home Energy Clearing, but rather are seeking a prayer and blessing to be placed over their dwelling. Sage is often used to welcome Spirits of the Light to the space to bring with them love and positivity.

Services provided are not for the purpose of diagnosing, treating, alleviating, mitigating, curing or caring for disease in any way. It is recommended that you seek a licensed professional for any legal, medical, financial, or psychological concerns. Legally it must be noted that all services are for entertainment purposes only.